But I’m taking birth control for you!


I have been seeing a guy for about 3 months now.  He is perfect.  Handsome, funny, thoughtful, kind, the list goes on.  Back off ladies.  But I have a dilemma.  How do grown ups know when they are official?  In school it was easy.  Pass a note to your crush: “Will you be my girlfriend, check Yes or No”.

Is that acceptable for people in their mid-20s?!  Life would be simpler.  We go on dates, now have mutual friends.  He bought me hair ties to keep at his place.  He has a toothbrush at mine.  We are not hooking up with other people (as far as i know!?)

We even had the Birth Control conversation.

Side Note:: Birth Control makes me crazy. After being on the pill for 3 years, I stopped taking it all together about a year ago.  Gave it a quick second try 6 months into my protest.  I only lasted 2 more days before i pitched the rest of my prescription.  Here is why. Went out to eat, sushi with the girls.  Our server took our order and about 15 minutes later we saw our sushi, in all of it’s glory, sitting in the window to be ran.  I used to be a server myself so i am usually extremely patient.  Not this time.  I felt my blood rising as our server walked right by our order not once, but twice.  When the food finally came i was short and rude.  It was a defense to keep myself from having a complete sushi meltdown in public.  When the server left our table, my friends were looking at me as if i was an alien impostor dwelling in the human shell formally known as their best friend.  I don’t blame them!  I was nuts.

Well, for Mr. Right I am back on the BC wagon.  Not sure if im happy about it, but I do feel like this is one step in the mature relationship direction i am obligated to take.

All Im saying, if we dont work out – Then this birth control hormonal bullshit is for the birds and out the window.  How ironic would it be if he broke up with me for being a moody bitch (common side effect of popping that little pill daily)?!  “But Im taking birth control for you!”, i would scream in vain.

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