Pants On Fire…. And I have proof!


In my past relationship, I could have taught Mr. Holmes a thing or two about investigating.  No polygraph needed, I learned to see straight through a lie.  No case went cold, and no stone left unturned.

Having been dumb enough to stay with a compulsive liar / habitual cheater, I know there is no such thing as light at the end of the tunnel.  (If you think you see light, check again.  It is probably just the Heartbreak Freight Train barreling toward you, what is sure to be an inevitable head on collision.)

Even IF Mr. Wrong CLAIMS to clean up his act know this… A subconscious can forgive but will never forget.  Questioning every text message, each move on social media, phone calls, and hours spent unaccounted for is enough to drive any girl insane.  Snooping becomes a skill and no account is un-hackable.  It will consume you and soon you will be giving Angelina a run for her money in Girl Interrupted.

Public Advisory:: DO NOT let yourself become that person!!!

All bad relationships come to an end.  And that is the truth!  After a year of self-reflection and single lady shenanigans I was able to reevaluate my worth and move forward with a fresh outlook.  Having found a wonderful man who cares about me to the point of selflessness.  I have zero temptation to check his phone, email, or social networks.  If something bothers me, I ask.  In return, I am given an honest answer.  Luckily I know not to ruin a good thing with scars from the past.  I am able to give 100% of my trust, and it is wonderful.

Its cool Sherlock, take back the magnifying glass and your bloody hounds.  I am no longer in need 😉

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