Mi Casa, Su Casa. Literally.


For my generation, most relationships merge under 1 roof before 2 people merge last names.

There is a lot to be learned about a person when you live with them.  Just as there is a lot to be learned about yourself when you make the move to live with your significant other.  The beauty of a lasting relationship is founded on the bond that develops in this learning stage.  If a relationship is meant to be, a love for the other person’s crazy quirks blooms.  And should be watered daily.

Advice… Acknowledge an adjustment period.  This is the time you begin to realize you now live with a real human being (not the super human boyfriend bot who cleaned from top to bottom when he was expecting you).  Don’t give up in the adjustment period.  Your boyfriend > Nicholas Spark’s Cliche, any day.  Just ask Pinocchio, he begged to be a real boy!

For example: The pooping adjustment period.  We all do it, so stop blushing.

My adjustment period for this perfectly natural (but still awkward) bodily function came when my boyfriend and I moved into a 1 bathroom bungalow.

Our “schedules” have, oddly enough, always been in sync.  Which was GREAT in his 2 bathroom town house.  He would excuse himself to take care of business, giving me at least 10 minutes to sneak away to do the same.  He never had to know.  NOW…. His 10-20 minute business breaks have me in line knocking on the door for nexties.  Consider this, the adjustment period.

I have since learned to love his habit of over staying his bathroom welcome – Because at least the toilet seat is warm.  My love has bloomed.

He now knows I poop.  And that it truly does smell like roses.  His love has bloomed.

A much more relevant realization bestowed upon me, is the true comfort in unconditional love.

I have never been one for a lot of make up.  Yes, it is fun to dress up and go out.  Yes, I generally wear the basics on a regular basis.  Yes, I am perfectly fine being seen by my boyfriend without ANY make up on.

I also realize, despite the fact that I am perfectly comfortable for my boyfriend to see me without make up, there is an entirely new – let’s call it, sublevel – to my natural state.

It involves ridiculously unmanageable hair (often in need of washing), unshaven legs, over sized clothing, hair dye, teeth whiteners, and unibrows.  I must not forget facial masks of all sorts:  Mud masks, black head extracting masks, pore reducing masks.

Most of these masks make hot girl friends unrecognizable, giving Jim Carey a run for his money.


The Mask

But despite all these things no boyfriend has signed up for, to be loved all the same is the best feeling.