I’m just a good girl with a few bad habits.


With my 25th birthday quickly approaching, I have been weighing my good habits against my bad.  No better time for self-improvement than at the turning of another year, right?

WARNING::: Listing bad habits may lead to an unwanted self evaluation.  Lets face it, some bad habits are fun.  This fact could lead to denial instead of progress.  (I have a feeling after this post, I will be left with excuses ((But at least I can say the 25th year of my life started with an attempt to improve, which is more than I can say for the previous 24.)))

1.  Smoking socially – This is one bad habit I plan to kick immediately.  I don’t even like cigarettes.  And while I tend to think it is such a “James Dean-esque” idea when I’ve been drinking, waking up with a cigarette hangover is not fun.

2.  Mr. Wrongs –  “Does he have a motorcycle?! Because if you’re going to throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle!”  -Lorlie, Gilmore Girls.  As it turns out, my bad boy did not have a motorcycle.  I can say my last relationship was a lesson learned the hard way.  5 long years of learning the hard way.

3.  Coffee – I think kicking my caffeine habit may be more detrimental than sticking to it.  Last time I skipped my morning pick me up, I got a traffic ticket.  I explained to the police officer I had run out of coffee and was forced to get behind the wheel with out my daily dose of caffeine.  When he told me there was no excuse to blow through a stop sign, I asked him “Officer!  Do you drink coffee!?”  He laughed and proceeded to ask for my license and registration.  For insurance purposes and the safety of all other drives on the road, I think I will continue to enjoy coffee regularly.  But I can say I have acknowledged my dependence and accept it.

4. Buying make up I never wear – But its sooooooo pretty!

5.  Staying up past my bed time – I mostly blame the internet and good books for my lack of beauty sleep.  I plan to shut down social networking, text messaging, and my books at a decent hour allowing for a solid 8 hours of sleep 5 nights a week…  As soon as I finish the Game Of Thrones series.  Because book 3 is getting REALLY good, and I cant make any promises until I’m through.

6.  Picking at my skin! – This is terrible, I know.  I see one teeny tiny bump, and I mess with it until it is HUGE and RED!!!… I think I will have to chop off my fingers to get over this pimple popping addiction, but I MUST stop NOW.  My complexion depends on it!

Other than that, I’m perfect 😉 No need to get over ambitious on my journey to self improvement.  Let’s stop at 6.  (Well, 4 and a 1/2 really)