Attention:: Music Lovers – An app you can’t live without!



Picture the scene in every movie where the character’s actions are set to music.  It is generally a defining moment, and lets face it, song choice is 100% influential to how viewers interpret the event.

I may not be saving Gotham City or plowing toward an iceberg large enough to sink the unsinkable, but I still enjoy a good playlist fitting of my mood or activity.  8tracks is an amazing app you will wonder how you ever lived without.

Playlists have been created then “tagged” for certain moods and activities.  Users can combine multiple tags for a specific style of music.  For example:  As a new user I logged in and searched the “explore” option.  Chill, Study, Indie Rock, Happy, Country, Drive, Sex, Weed, Morning, Workout, Party, Relax are only a small handful of the “tag” options you can choose from.

Choosing tag combinations (chill+drive, or sex+indie, or any of the endless possibilities) then prompts playlists with music catered to your tags.

Fall in love with a playlist and add it to “favorites” to easily find that playlist again.  I have shared this gem of an app with many friends who are now 8tracks junkies.  After all, what good is an addiction if you dont share it with others!  Enjoy