Love At First Sight… Thespians Do It On Stage


macbeth 2

I’m not big on romantic cliches.  Love at first sight, soul mates, Prince Charming.  Still, I must admit I too have fallen victim to these fairy tale hopes (After the fact, I can confirm it’s all totally BOGUS – but hind sight is 20/20.  And even a Virgo can dream… Right?).  Blind sighted by a tempting grin and great hair.

The first and only time I found myself love struck I was a senior in High School.  My English class took a field trip to the small college I had already been accepted to.  We had tickets to see Macbeth.  The show was being put on by the students of the college’s theater program.  I’m sure, like us, most of them were there for the grade.  High school was a joke.  My English class would be a prime example of this –  My teacher showed more movies than the drive in theater.  I guess for Macbeth she decided to get serious and have us experience the work in true Shakespearean fashion – On Stage.

We arrived early so my teacher could line us up front and center.  Not exactly prime seating for discrete texts of weekend plans to my best friend, and definitely not a good place to nod off for my after lunch nap.  Little did I know I would appreciate my close and personal view of the stage.

When the curtains opened they took my breath off stage with them.  There he was.  The most handsome, grown man I had ever seen in real life.  When I watch movies like Pearl Harbor, Titanic, or The Notebook I always remind myself “Its a movie!!  Guys of that caliber do not exist outside of the big screen”.  Boy, was I wrong.

Tall, dark, and handsome.  I knew every girl in the audience was thinking the same dirty thoughts I was.  Knowing that fact made me want him more.  I scrambled for the handout we were given in exchange for our tickets at the door.  I scanned the bios until I found his – Macbeth himself (Keep in mind, this was the most reading I had done all year for my English Honors class).   Scott was a sophomore at the college and no stranger to the stage.  Honestly I didn’t read more than the first line.  I had all the information I needed.  He was a sophomore at the college I was attending next semester.  I knew at that moment we were going to find our way to each other.  I considered taking my shirt off and using my assets to get his attention – my better judgement, aka my best friend at the time, advised me against it.

A few months later I was a sitting in the coffee shop on campus as a freshman of my new school.  I was chatting with a girl I knew as a friend of a friend.  Ramsey was someone I didn’t have much in common with, but we shared one important thing: we knew each others names – and at a new school that was enough to have  lunch over.  I could tell by the look on Ramsey’s face, before I could see Scott himself, we were no longer alone at our table.  He pulled up a chair as though he were late for a lunch date we had planned all along.  So calm, so cool.  So fucking sexy.

The way Ramsey reacted, Matthew McConaughey just sat down at our table.  It was apparent I wasn’t the only one put under a spell by Scott’s very presence…. Ramsey talked enough for the 3 of us.  I didn’t have to say much – My main concern was making sure food didn’t fall out of my mouth as I struggled to look hot and chew at the same time.  Scott didn’t say much either.  He just watched me.  And smiled.  When it was time to part ways for class Ramsey insisted we all hang out sometime.  Scott agreed and asked for my number.

I don’t think the mild friendship Ramsey and I shared survived after the moment Scott asked for my number and not hers.  I cant say I cared much.  Lucky for me this was only the beginning of my rendezvous with prince charming…

Maybe fate did play a part in my romantic tid bit.  I also have to thank my high school English teacher for not making us actually READ the works we studied.  Lastly, I must thank Shakespeare for demanding Macbeth be played by a total hottie.